CliMetabolomicsis a Franco-german Research Workshop that aims to better understand the plasticity of plants and to develop sustainable plants adapted to climate change.

CliMetabolomics offers training in analytical tools and an innovation management method to early career scientists.

The workshop lasts two weeks and consists of seminars, discussions and many practical courses.



It will take place from 20 to 24 June 2022 in France and from 20 to 23 September in Germany.

Registration is open.


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CliMetabolomics - Agenda

20.06.22, Versailles

Seed Metabolomics for plant sustainability

  1. Seminar: Seed metabolomics (L. lepiniec, M. Corso)
  2. Practical Work A: Seed metabolomics and integrative approaches (L. Rajjou)
  3. Practical Work B: Metabolomics and profiling of flaxseed (F. Mesnard)


21-22.06.22, Versailles

Metabolomics for innovative plant breading

  1. Practical Work: Seed metabolomics and heat stress: profiling and structural analysis (F. Perreau)
  2. Practical Work: Hormones and signaling molecules (G. Mouille)
  3. Practical Work: Plant pathogens and beneficials metabolomics: profiling and structural analysis (S. Boutet-Mercey)


23-24.06.22, Bordeaux

Metabolomics for applications to wine and vine

  1. Seminar: Introduction to NMR-based-metabolomics for plants and food derivates (T. Richard)
  2. Seminar: NMR-Spectra processing for metabolomics (C. Debord, D. Jacob)
  3. Seminar: Targeted MS analyses for applications to wine and vine (J. Valls, C. Rouger)
  4. Practical Work: Wine authencity by NMR metabolomics (T. Richard. G. daCosta, C. Deborde, D. Jacob)
  5. Practical Work: Wine characterization by (un)targeted MS metabolomics (J. Valls, C. Rouger)


20-22.09.22, Leipzig and Halle/Saale

Assesment of metabolomic responses of plants under biotic or abiotic stress

  1. Seminar: Good experimental design (H. Uthe, P. Stark)
  2. Seminar: Chemical analytical platforms for (eco)metabolites (H. Uthe, P. Stark)
  3. Seminar: Sampling (H. Uthe, A. Weinhold)
  4. Seminar: Understanding MS/MSMS-spectra (G. Balcke, K. Peters)
  5. Seminar and discussion: Strategies and pipelines for annotation (G. Balcke, K. Peters)
  6. Practical Work: Work with Data Analysis or similar program - raw data "high-light stress" (G. Balcke, K. Peters)
  7. Seminar: Metabolic network at the basis of the productivity of glandular trichomes (A. Tissier)
  8. Seminar: Modifications of the metabolome of plants under high-light stress change (G. Balcke)
  9. Seminar: CANOPUS - Annotation of metabolite families (H. Uthe, A. Weinhold, Y. Poeschl)
  10. Practical Work: Testing CANOPUS with trial data "light stress" (H. Uthe, A. Weinhold, Y. Poeschl, N. van Dam)
  11. Seminar: MetFamily - Annotation of metabolite families (K. Peters)
  12. Practical Work: Running MetFamily with trial data "light stress" (G. Balcke)


23.09.22, Halle/Saale

Design of the plants of the future

  1. Workshop: Design-Thinking
  2. Discussion: Can metabolomics tools support the improvement of crop plants in a sustainable way in the context of climate change?