Demonstration platform plant genome editing

The demonstration platform plant genome editing is intended to support the platform and transfer function of the WCH in order to develop approaches that raise urgent questions about the establishment of new plant products and the expansion of existing plant production and utilization. The aim of the WCH demonstration platform is to demonstrate how state-of-the-art molecular biological methods – including the CRISPR / Cas technology – can be used for the benefit of society.

The demonstration platform is intended to show the actors in the bioeconomy the opportunities and risks of genome editing using the example of modified wheat and barley genotypes. The aim of the WCH is to enable scientists and non-scientists to form a fact-based opinion on the subject of plant genome editing in the service of sustainable plant production. In addition, the demonstration platform should increase the visibility of the WCH in the area of genome editing and position the WCH as a competent user of the CRIPSR / Cas technology on a national and international level.

The demonstration platform plant genome editing is supervised by scientists from the member institutes of the WCH and by the scientific coordinator of the WCH, Dr. Anne-Laure Tissier.


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