Degree Program

The ScienceCampus Halle has set the goal to strengthen the teaching and training of undergraduate and graduate students in the field of plant-based bioeconomy. Currently, the University of Halle-Wittenberg offers courses of studies in different bachelor and master degree programs touching the field of plant-based bioeconomy. In addition to classical fields of studies such as biology, chemistry, biochemistry or pure economics there is also the possibility to study courses such as Agricultural Sciences, Management of Natural Resources and Crop Plant Sciences. All degree course are conducted in german.

  • The bachelor and master degrees in Agricultural Sciences impart knowledge in agronomy, animal sciences and economic and social sciences.
  • The master course Management of Natural Resources provides basic knowledge of the environmental compartments of water, soil and plants and their interaction. With regard to this the University of Halle offers to complete two master programs.
  • The master course of Crop Plant Sciences provides an excellent link to plant-based bioeconomy. This course is, primarily targeted to graduates of bachelor programs in agronomy, biology and biochemistry with the aim to gain in-depth skills and detailed knowledge in basic research-oriented crop plants. The students are expected to acquire a broad technical and methodological knowledge and, thereby, are enabled to work in leading positions and as decision makers in the fields of research, consulting and management. The main objective is to develop the abilities to analyze and control the growth and development of crop plants. These priorities refer to fields as plant physiology, phytopathology and genetic issues. The training programs range from the molecular to the cellular level and from organisms to the ecosystem level.
  • Moreover, the Master Pharmaceutical Biotechnology was extended to the Master Pharmaceutical and Industrial Biotechnology.