The ScienceCampus Halle (SCH) includes all disciplines of science in the areas of plant-based agricultural sciences, basic and applied biology, biochemistry, biotechnology and related disciplines and thus, is the linkage between these skills and the environmental, social and economic fields in research and teaching. This enables a fundamental consideration and assessment of plant science and biotechnology innovations and its associated social and economic processes. At the micro level, this should be done in four scale levels:

  • function of plant genes, proteins and metabolites
  • growth and development of plants, including their interaction with symbionts and pests
  • mechanisms of plant production
  • structures of plant-based bioeconomy

At the meso level, the collaborative projects shall be integrated and the scientific insight and knowledge achieved shall be assessed for its relevance for the plant-based bioeconomy. Finally, at the macro level, a social and economic balance of innovations and innovation potentials in plant-based bioeconomy shall be carried out.