9th International Bioeconomy Conference

In the German Science Year Bioeconomy, Halle (Saale) hosts the Bioeconomy Week with two international conferences – the IAMO Forum 2021 (https://forum2021.iamo.de/bioeconomy-week-halle/) and the 9th International Bioeconomy Conference (https://www.bioeconomy-conference.de).

The International Bioeconomy Conference is one of the most important bioeconomy events in Germany, which annually brings together science and industry to discuss the latest developments and potentials in the field of plant-based bioeconomy. The motto is “Bio meets Economy – Science meets Industry”. The 9th Bioeconomy Conference (9 - 10 June) is jointly organized by ScienceCampus Halle and BioEconomy Cluster. This year, special attention is given to the countries of the Baltic Sea region.

The conference will be held online.